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Butterfly Weddings

The Butterfly Legend from blackfoot "Sioux"  perspectives, comes to life to bless your special day . . .

A blessing from the flight of butterfly sets the theme for the happy couple towards a bright future with the energies and teachings in the ways of manifesting
Balance  - Harmony  - Abundance  - Peace for all our relations

Ancient Symbol of Butterfly - a blackfoot  Band  design (Oglala-Lakota)  beaded and worn for centuries by Bunnys' traditional spiritual relatives  -  Mitakuye Oyasin

For many centuries the butterfly has aptly represented the dream time, the sacredness of, and the life honoring and life nurturing ways in the balance and joining of male and female energies to bless all our relations, future generations, and how dreams come true!

Many happy Couples have discovered that the presentation of the
authentic and most beautiful Native American  Butterfly Legend 
that Bunny shares from her traditional blackfoot relatives, is a  most valued and memorable part of their
sacred wedding ceremony. 

With gentle, sacred, respect, Butterflies remind us, and in their lives they demonstrate - that Dreams DO come true!





At Beautiful Roughlock Falls (or at any number of sacred Black Hills locations we offer to choose from)  . . .
Bunny shares the Butterfly Legend. . .

And as the Butterflies awaken

the silently whispered prayers and messages are gifted to the butterflies from family and friends who have gathered to bless the couple on their wedding day. 

 Then, while beautiful, fragile Monarchs open their wings to take flight,
the song of the 8 holed Native American flute is heard
with a blessing song  

  And, as has been done in centuries past, as the legend goes, upon the wings of butterflies these wishes are taken to  Creator to manifest!


And as the legend goes,  just one butterfly is needed to carry the  whispered/intended blessings from friends and families to Creator ...

...to manifest these wishes and prayers into reality..

for Balance, Harmony, Abundance, Peace

(Officiant, suggestions on beautiful weddings sites also available for your consideration - please contact us for more information)

Email Manager@BunnySingsWolf.com to book  Bunnys' Butterfly Legend wedding ceremony for your special day!  Please include your planned wedding date, your telephone number and a good time to call so that we can contact you by phone to answer your questions, and help you make plans to share the legend and details of this beautiful ceremony.

"What the caterpillar
calls the end of the world,
the Master calls a butterfly"
Richard Bach from book "Illusions"
Full Moon Moth - April 2004 picture
I took in my front yard  after
watching the cocoon
for an entire season -
I was just outside, daydreaming,
pulling weeds - and looked up
and almost touching my nose
was this glorious
creature in full
regalia! Bunny Sings Wolf
Happiness is a butterfly, which, 
when pursued,
 is always just beyond your grasp, 
but which, 
if you will sit down quietly,
 may alight upon you.
- Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864)
Photo from Roughlock Falls, near Savoy, in Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota

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