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8 white buffalo bird flutes tuned perfectly in 8 keys, hand-crafted after a pattern of Daniel Red Buffalo (circa 1830) fashioned for Bunny by Mark Nelson from Spruce stand in a deer skin flute bag she made from a gift of hide from another dedicated music friend, blends with her breath and the tree songs she hears, to sing their Native Flute solos on stage and in recording room harmonies - 



Twelve string and a six string Seagull acoustic guitars with in-house designed electric sound built in came direct from the factory for Bunny's Folk finger picking as accompaniment to her gentle voice.  Their ambiance equals that from the old Martin she gave away many years ago to a "starving" artist.  She also carries a beautiful green-blue Ovation Celebrity that travels well on the road, for live performances to release and continue to promote her music CD projects.



Bunny Sings Wolfs' VOICE is well-practiced, seasoned, confident from a new place of maturity and conviction of heart, ready to send in new songs that have come in dreams, and are already copyrighted, and SO ready for the studio. 

These songs include "Red Cloud's Song" a song the 87 year old Ogalala-Lakota

Chief Red Cloud personally requested for Bunny to write back in April 2006 -

and which song finally did come in her dream September 2006 -
now ready to be sung and heard in her next CD project.



When "house" sound is not available for live concerts, Bunny can provide her own quality sound system and sound technician.  Please contact Hillbunny Productions for more information and/or Tech Rider.



Located deep in the woods of forest, lies a

one-of-a-kind top-notch recording studio and sound mixing genius to partner with in the recording process necessary to go beyond industry standards to feature and nurture Bunny's unique sound to a whole new level. 

With all the latest technology brought from years' of experience in the L.A. music scene, the studio and it's resident mixing Artist

(who is a phenomenal, well published composer and guitarist in his own right, endorsed by and partnered with Bunny's internationally renown disc manufacturer - DISCMAKER.com!)

is now standing ready to compliment Bunny's talent in the next and

HER BEST CD project.

This perfect place to record, mix and harmonize

will nurture her warm flute, voice, acoustic guitar and drum tones,

utilizing analog and digital expertise to make a

completely balanced and

commercially suburb work of art!



Bunny's MUSIC"medicine"

Resonating the heartbeat of Mother Earth, drums crafted for Bunny include a teardrop shaped standing drum from a nearly 100 year old walnut tree, a four directions - four white buffalo designed standing drum on naturally formed four branch stand (both created and gifted to her by Artisan Jim Lee),

white buffalo and four eagle feather designed hand drum,


and copper wind chimes placed on elk horn used in the Prophecy Keeper song, gifted and created by Artist Christine Nervig of  Bear Rock Art - Custer, SD


Bunny says: 

My heart is FULL with song,
the journey has been nothing short of glorious this past 18 years! 
Now I see the destination on the horizon!
I hope my music is more than a dream  - it is manifesting though yet, unseen...so stay tuned...
as I envision this next CD project happening soon!

As these things manifest -  I send my
for your support, prayers, and for joining me on this dream-painted music journey,
and  for following my itinerary!


I ask and trust it will be so...   AND, IF YOU,
(or a generous music supporter you may know)
have the heartfelt desire and the means to provide
all or part of the funds needed to
keep this music from the heart alive by sponsoring the next

Bunny Sings Wolf music project... please click here!"



For more information,  on


please contact

Hillbunny Productions

Thank you.

Mitakuye Oyasin,

Bunny Sings Wolf

click here for more photos and descriptions of some of Bunny's instruments and the Artists who made them for her

click here to purchase Bunny's music online or call

if you wish to place your order for Bunny's CDs, using a credit card.

Most asked question:    "How can I get a copy of Bunny's latest new songs that I  heard at her concerts?"

Most of Bunny's ORIGINAL SONGS have "arrived" usually at 3:00 a.m., in the form of dreams  since Bunny has been living at home in the Black Hills.  Waking her from deep sleep - playing in her head - complete with words and music, she records them, to learn and share later. In honoring this unique music gift, Bunny feels a solemn responsibility to the Creator to use her voice and carry these songs to as many people as possible.  Lyrics of some of these songs, yet unreleased on CD, may be found on Unreleased Lyrics page. If you wish to be added to the growing list of those who want to be notified when new CD's are available, and receive announcements of her UPCOMING LIVE PERFORMANCES scheduled in YOUR AREA, please sign Mailing List

If you are interested in promoting
and/or helping to
finance future music CD productions,
please contact
Hillbunny Productions
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Bunny's songs speak in beauty of natural and life nurturing spaces and the importance of living ways of cultivating peace and harmony among all our relations.  Mitakuye Oyasin  (Lakota-we are all related).

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