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Prophecy Keeper

Nominated by the Aboriginal Peoples Music Choice Awards 2007


 October 9, 2007

Through the magic of the world-wide web, Prophecy Keeper, a hauntingly beautiful song co-written by Karen Lake of Plummer, Idaho and Bunny Sings Wolf from the Black Hills of South Dakota, has been nominated by the Aboriginal Peoples Music Choice Awards in Canada as one of the best, in the Aboriginal Music by Non-Aboriginal Artist category.  Voting for the winner has been taking place online at, and voting closed October 15.
The winner will be announced at the Awards Show, scheduled to be televised live nationwide in Canada on APTN and Bell ExpressVu, November 2, 2007 from the MTS Centre, Manitoba.

Solo performing Singer-Songwriter and Native American flute player, Bunny Sings Wolf, sent her voice and multiple talents into this solo produced album that was released September 14, 2005 by Hillbunny Productions, her own record label.  With the help of a grant from the Wyoming Arts Council, a lot of prayers, along with some financial back-up from the songs' enthusiastic co-writer, Karen Lake, this song has already proven true to its vision.

Early in 2005, Blue Otter, host of a non-profit Native American based online radio interview website ( sent a morning email to Karen Lake requesting she write a theme song for the show.  Blue Otter and his not so always silent partner, the late and still controversial author, Metice Shaman, and world traveler Robert Ghost Wolf, created the popular non-profit Prophecy Keeper online radio show that features weekly telephone interviews with Elders, Shamans, Medicine people, Chiefs , Philosophers, Ministers, Priests, Rabbis, Visionaries and notables from among many indigenous tribes, of various religious and cultural circles from around the globe, all of whom agree on at least one premise, that we are living in the much prophesied and anticipated "end times."

While Karen was in front of her computer contemplating her reply to his request, she literally "had a vision" and began typing the words to the Prophecy Keeper song.  The vision came with a message "this song will win an award" (which in subsequent encouraging emails sent to Bunny over the past 2 years, Karen has constantly mentioned again and again).  When the words were written exactly as the vision "told" her, Karen hit the "send" button on the email returned to Blue Otter.  He wrote back and "introduced" Karen online to a singer he had telephone interviewed while she was at the National Buffalo Museum as headliner for a concert at Tatanka Festival to honor the 8th birthday of White Cloud (the only female albino white buffalo in the world). Bunny Sings Wolf, he wrote to Karen, "is the voice to carry this song forward."

Bunny and Karen became co-writers as Bunny "heard" the music that seemed to go with the lyrics.  As a Performing Roster Artist with the Wyoming Arts Council at the time, Bunny applied for and was awarded a $500 grant.  With many more emails Karen and Bunny combined their talents and all the resources at their disposal, and found just enough funding for Bunny to create the Prophecy Keeper CD.  The first copy went to Prophecy Keeper radio where it has been played continuously ever since September 2005 since it was released.

Having no additional funding or resources to advertise or promote the CD, Bunny continued to send it to radio stations across the country, utilizing the web, working and hoping it would indeed find the hearts to which it was to speak.  After all, as Karens' emails constantly reminded "this is an award winning song!"

A few months ago, upon moving temporarily to Washington State to watch over her aging parents, Bunny was finally able to meet Karen in person. The Aboriginal Peoples Music Choice Awards contest opportunity was sent to Bunny also by email during this time, and the rest, we hope, is history!

Bunny wonders if the great "web" referred to in Black Elks' prophetic vision indeed refers to the internet, for the synchronicity of bringing all these factors together "for all mankind again" as the song echoes with Bunny's flute harmonies, certainly could not have been done without the bringing together of many talents through these interesting and timely connections on the worldwide web.

Although they weren't able to raise the money to travel to the awards ceremony, having seen the song travel this far along on it's journey, seemingly with a power all of its' own, Bunny and Karen are now awaiting word to see if Prophecy Keeper wins in its' category. 

To read the lyrics and hear more of the dream sent music of Bunny Sings Wolf, please visit

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