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Winter's Lullabye

Soon available for digital download at CDBaby and now as first song of Bunny's newest CD release St8newalker

Winter's Lullaby Lyrics Short Description  | Reviews | Long Description of how it was inspired |
Native American Flute

Check out Bunny's NEWEST song recorded June 19, 2007 - "Winter's Lullabye"
© Copyright Hillbunny Productions, 2007
Music and Words by Wayne Johnson and Bunny Sings Wolf  with Arapahoe Lullabye undertones

"How beautiful!! Hearing Winter's Lullaby with guitar and flute is even more magic!
Of course I see your sweet face under the cedar trees and wrapped in ferns as you sing it
[a cappella as you did yesterday with our friends by the creek]!!" Jenny

"Thanks for the song Bunny! I'd venture to say that I think it is one of your very best!! Love Ya!" Joni

"HI Bunny, one beautiful song with lots great harmony...very beautiful and easy to listen to...
calming to the heart...thanks...

Short Description of how this song was inspired:

Recorded June 2007 at Fusion Studio with Marc Klock mixing Bunny's flute, guitar and vocals. The writers of "Winter's Lullabye" envisioned the Yellowstone area as they joined songwriting talents February 2007 in the Black Hills.  Their desire was to write a song drawing attention to the beauty, harmony and balance of the natural processes and diverse life forms still protected and reflected in the greater Teton area and in other favorite natural, wild open spaces they have each visited frequently since childhood.  By incorporating melodious parts of an ancient, original language Arapahoe lullabye into the song, they hoped to remind their listeners of the precious, fragile gifts humankind is entrusted with, to preserve for future generations to enjoy..

followed by a Long Description of how this song was inspired with photos:

Winter s Lullaby

2007 Hillbunny Productions (created 2-24-07, recorded 6-19-07)

Lyrics and Music by Wayne Johnson and Bunny Sings Wolf

*with ancient Arapahoe lulla-bye song included as an undertone to sing to sleep



The quiet winter snow, floats down so beautiful

On a tepee village, near the mouth of the Yellowstone

Grey wolf sounds his night call, to friends across the sky

Echoing the caroling, of winter s lulla-bye.



Grizzly bear is sleeping, cozy in her den,

Confident that she ll give birth, as winters song comes to an end.

Buffalo are searching for food in the deep snow

Honoring all ways of life as seasons come and go.


 Oh how my heart yearns to see, to feel that gentle bliss

In a time and way all living beings respond to a mother s kiss.

Mountain meadows breathing deep, from Mother Earth s gentle sigh

And as she sings

New life she brings

From Winters lullabye.

Bah hee baah hee baah hoh baah hoh mauh mauh  (go to sleep, oh, go to sleep little baby girl, repeat)

Bah hee baah hee baah hoh mauh mauh                   

Nacoo gah who say hee baaah hoh mauh mauh

Nacoo gah who baaah hoh maauh maauh


Golden Eagle waiting, silent on a hill

Looking for the sunrise and the cry of the whippoorwill

As seeds of Summers harvest, gather strength from the things that die,

Last years sacrifices, to Winter s lullabye.

Chorus 2

Oh how my heart yearns to hear, that song of energies that flow

A melody of letting loose of things that do not grow

Music that just nurtures life, in tears that raindrops cry,

Nature sings

Life always springs

From Winter s lullabye.

 Nacoo gahoo naha naah hee baah hoo mauh mauh (go to sleep, oh, go to sleep little baby boy, repeat)

Nacoo gahoo baah hoo mauh mauh 

Music that just nurtures life, as rainbow colors fly,

Nature sings

Life always springs - From Winter s lullabye.  Go to sleep, go to sleep my baby.

*Writers of this song have frequently visited and appreciated the beauty of the Yellowstone and Teton areas.  These stand as a reminder to them of the many ancient peoples who lived on and cared for this land and it's creatures for many centuries, leaving it intact for future generations. 

Most of the lyrics and tune in the beginning verses were written by Wayne Johnson. He is a passionate creative artist with a love for natural places.  Desiring to bring his vision for the song full circle, Wayne first shared it with Bunny in February, 2007.    Bunny, a songwriter and recording artist, had a five-week music residency in October, 2004, on the Wind River Reservation near Yellowstone. There she learned the Arapahoe language portion of the song from Arapahoe elders and cultural advisors Mary Kate Underwood (Black Eagle Woman), Wayne C Hair, Ichabald John C Hair, and Bernadine Friday who patiently taught and shared ancient songs with Bunny to record so that future generations may hear, learn and appreciate them before they are lost.

Wayne C'Hair
Arapahoe Cultural Advisor

Black Eagle Woman
(Mary Kate and Ed Underwood)

William C'Hair
singing  with
Bunny's White Buffalo Drum
helping with pronunciation and understanding of  Arapahoe words.

Bunny's idea to include portions of this ancient Arapahoe song to complete the last few verses that she contributed to Winter s Lullabye  seemed a good way to keep her commitment to these proud and generous people, to finally share what she learned. 

Arapahoe songs were not typically given titles or sung with musical instrument accompaniment. Traditionally, they're sung from the heart, a cappella.  Bunny sings two Native language verses as an example of a lullaby that would typically be lovingly sung to an individual child.  Each lullaby was unique to each family.

  It is Wayne Johnson s and Bunny Sings Wolf s hope that this song will draw attention to the beauty and harmony of the natural processes and diverse life forms still protected and reflected in balance in the Yellowstone, Teton, and other wild open spaces and in the natural world and ways that seems so foreign to this generation.  They hope this song will help us all remember, as caretakers of the earth, what precious gifts these are to preserve for future generations to enjoy, and that in the great circle of life-ways understanding that Winter brings death to many things so that the new life forms of Spring may have nourishment to come to birth - thus Winter's song of "go to sleep" sends to "sleep" the old ways so that the new may come.

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Bunny's songs speak in beauty of natural and life nurturing spaces and the importance of living ways of cultivating peace and harmony among all our relations.  Mitakuye Oyasin  (Lakota-we are all related).

Pte Sa We

Why does Bunny play the "Native American" flute?

Just as a "French horn" is a particular type of musical instrument, "Native American flute" refers to a particular type/style of musical instrument.  Also the style of storytelling dubbed "Native American Storytelling" does not guarantee presentation by an enrolled member of a Federally-recognized tribal member. 

A reviewer with the Rapid City Journal  dubbed Bunny's music as "Lakota-inflective Folk" which  aptly describes the type and subject matter of  the original music that has come to her in dreams which she shares often with flute music (which also came in dreams along with the lyrics and music of her songs).  Her music comes to build bridges among races of all people, Red, Yellow,  White and Black, and educate, show honor and respect for human BE-ings, Lakota and ALL other earth- nurturing, Native American and/or indigenous or other life honoring ways, perspectives and cultures. 

"I"m white, but I can't prove it."

Although Bunny has a rich mix of first nations ancestry, continues to learn from, shares with and associates with many well respected "Federally-recognized"  Native American Indian tribal elders, chiefs, and medicine people, and she has  researched the  stories and teachings that stem from cultural perspectives that she may share in workshops or performances,  please know that the music and the original songs she shares (and the stories and teachings that come with them) have come to her in dreams. 

While she plays Native American flutes in music that is enjoyed and endorsed by many prominent card carrying Native Americans,  Bunny Sings Wolf's music does NOT claim to be "Native American made"  as is now specified by the U.S. Government.   IF it is your desire to listen only to music made by an enrolled member of a "federally-recognized"  "Native American" musician, you may find them through a web search. 

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Most asked question:    "How can I get a copy of Bunny's latest new songs that I  heard at her concerts?"

Most of Bunny's ORIGINAL SONGS (upward of 450 at last count) have "arrived" usually at 3:00 a.m., in the form of dreams  since Bunny has been living at home in the Black Hills.  Waking her from deep sleep - playing in her head - complete with words and music, she records them, to learn and share later. In honoring this unique music gift, Bunny feels a solemn responsibility to the Creator to use her voice and carry these songs to as many people as possible.  Lyrics of some of these songs, yet unreleased on CD, may be found on Unreleased Lyrics page. If you wish to be added to the growing list of those who want to be notified when new CD's are available, and receive announcements of her UPCOMING LIVE PERFORMANCES scheduled in YOUR AREA, please sign Mailing List

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Original Music Works by Bunny Sings Wolf is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
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