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Native Flute, drum, gentle finger-picking acoustic Folk guitar and  Bunny's memorable voice singing lyrics that resonate from the heart of the sacred Black Hills, to positively relate ancient indigenous perspectives critical for our lives, our planet, and our future!


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About That Name:   Bunny Sings Wolf

Press & Reviews    Longer Biography

Intuitive listeners say this is music soaring with feminine soulful sound as if upon the wings of eagles, as acoustic guitar and Native American flute voices dance joyfully around the edges of ever-higher spiraling thermals of light and love - in Balance, Harmony, Abundance, Peace

While living a simple life close to the land, Bunny Sings Wolf has learned to hear the gentle songs in the trees in the sacred Black Hills where, since 1999, over 420 original songs have come to her in dreams.  Sent from the heart, many of these songs may now be enjoyed on six solo, self-produced, CDs that are played on radio stations and on the web throughout the world, and may be purchased at her web site with links to over 40 paid digital download sites.

Her self-taught acoustic guitar and Native American flute playing accompanies a soulful voice sent with respect and conviction that honors Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota) all our relations.  A recent Rapid City Journal review of her White Haired Sunrise CD called her original earth-friendly music Lakota-inflective Folk.   In concerts Bunny Sings Wolf recounts her many life lessons as a truth-seeker in a medley of original songs with lyrics and melody that define and nurture love, balance, harmony, peace, freedom, liberty, beauty, respect and trust.

 She has also excited a large audience of devout fans in children during her Plains Indian cultural school, museum, and community workshops that teach about the Buffalo Nation.  Using the poetry of meaningful lyrics, heartbeat drum, melody and the human voice,  encouraging audience participation through sing along and "hand dance", people from all walks of life and from all cultures and age groups are bridged together to enjoy the unity of good relationship in song.  Her refreshing, life-honoring music underline the respectful ways demonstrated in the organic and natural world, where each creation uniquely weaves their unique thread in the tapestry of life for completing and mending the circle of life, balancing again the teachings from the four directions, that all the people may live.

Bunny is well versed in and beautifully performs many popular Folk and contemporary pop (cover)  songs in concert yet regardless of the composer, Bunny s voice resonates in music that subtly teaches, encouraging life-ways of beauty and harmony in ways always reminiscent of the wisdom of life honoring indigenous cultures.

Given the name Bunny, by her very devout, music and art creative parents, and raised to the sounds of her parents nightly prayers and songs that sustained them during many tough times while the family moved from place to place to make ends meet, she was born in Hollywood, California.*  She grew up dancing barefoot in the rich dirt of freshly cultivated fields of farming country. 

Her inspiration and favorite form of entertainment was her daily walk to the edge of the fields to sing to radiant orange sunsets and learn the songs of the warm strong evening winds in the leaves, where she sat reverently at the foot of her favorite rooted childhood friend, a grandfather cottonwood tree.  The natural world "spoke" to her from every corner of her rural home.  Hours were spent watching the drifting clouds of daytime skies, communicating with stars and moon at night, the crawling ones, the stone nation, the rooted ones, the four legged and the winged ones.  All life seemed to hold songs and messages, dreams and visions which resonated with assurances that one day she would sing the songs of nature, and make a sick world  well.

Attending a one-room rural schoolhouse, Bunny was known for being an independent dreamer , respectful and well mannered , an always smiling and optimistic child, who wrote prolific poetry that she signed happily with her funny name.  

Her reoccurring childhood visions and dreams always included her constant imaginary friend,  a four-legged animal that she affectionately described as a very furry white elephant with cute curved horns and no trunk , whose constant companionship convinced and confirmed to her that there would be a future day when she would sing her peaceful wind-gifted songs, on a world stage. 








*Born while her parents were "on the road" Bunny spent her first two years of life in the back of a Model A Ford while  her well intended "Christian" Missionary Parents,  with barely the clothes on their backs, trusted "the Lord" to help them raise funds "for the mission" so that her parents could eventually be sent to China (where her Mother was born to missionary parents sent from the States).  This was the "mission field" promised them by the group they joined after earning their degrees, and their eventual meeting, at a well respected Bible College.  On their travels, while  her Dad preached, her Mother sang - and having sold all their belongings for the project - upon returning to base camp in L.A. the only original piece of equipment in the Model A was the chassis and the frame.  All Other parts had broken down and been replaced or thoroughly overhauled  on the 2 year trip throughout all the mid-western and Western States of America.   After turning over all the proceeds collected to the  "base camp" the family was quickly disenfranchised from the group because her father, respectfully citing the very scripture the group claimed to live by, brought "management" to task regarding their policy of housing and thus separating family members to different areas of the "compound".  Being abruptly ousted, homeless and penniless, her father with no secular skills outside a deeply abiding spirituality, sought work wherever he could to feed his young family.  They moved from place to place to find just enough employment to put food on the table.  The disappointment of this and its resultant extreme economic pressure along with her Mothers' continued ill health, eventually led to the parents divorce.

The dreams included a constant picture of her playing the "native" flute while streams of happy people of all ages followed, singing and dancing, as the flowers beneath their feet bloomed, picturing a great time of healing and peace for all nations, and all the earth a safe and happy home. Having never seen in California, such a mysterious creature in real life as her "imaginary" companion, it was only much later, after moving to the Black Hills, that she discovered  and recognized her mysterious childhood companion - it had a real life name and existence.  It was indeed a white buffalo!

Photo above that Bunny took of "Rainbow Spirit" at buffalo ranch in the Black Hills






Sisters Becky Jo (left) and Bunny shown above giving their parents a live performance on the country home front porch with their pet dog "on stage" behind Bunny on right. just months before their parents' divorce and  big life changes.

By her teens Bunny was accompanying her own soulful voice with a Martin guitar gifted her by a blind musician she and her younger sister had met as they performed widely around California, winning many talent contests and receiving much radio airplay during the "folk music" era.   

After a missed audition with the Ed Sullivan Show when her sister opted, instead, to join a rock band, Bunny gave away her guitar and focused on raising a family of her own.

In 1986, a Disc Jockey (who had fallen in love with Bunny and her voice, which he heard at an impromptu step-up-to-the-stage coffee shop), gifted her an Ovation guitar, some Kate Wolf  tapes to inspire her, and adamant instructions to start singing again!   Leaving the corporate world far behind, she re-discovered her childhood music dreams upon moving back to her ancestral family s home territory in the Black Hills, as furry white buffalo night visions returned, she began singing professionally again in 1999. 

During these few short years since then, she has :

written over 420 songs that have come to her in dreams,
(complete with hauntingly beautiful Native American flute harmonies that taught her how to
play the flutes gifted to her)

she was gifted her Indian name Bunny Sings Wolf -  in the Lakota tradition, and discovered her "Sioux" roots;

created her own record company, Hillbunny Productions, on a shoe-string budget with a wing and a prayer, while living a simple life close to the land, and has carefully budgeted and reinvested every penny earned to find even more earth-honoring ways to fulfill her commitment to share these many dream-painted songs;

she has recorded six solo, self-produced, CDs that are being played on radio stations and on the web throughout the U.S., Europe and Canada, and her music is now available for sale worldwide on over 30 paid digital download and retail web sites,

Sacred Ground
released January 2001

Buffalo Tales
released June 2001

White Haired Sunrise
released April 2003

Prophecy Keeper
released Sept. 2005

         St8newalker  2009                                          Treaty Lands 2010

She has been gifted guitars, handmade flutes, drums, shield and regalia from supportive fans and from respected elders from a mix of Native American Indian cultures  to use in her music creations and performances;

been approved as a working Touring Roster Artist presenting Concerts,   Community Workshops and School Music Residencies  endorsed by the Arts in Education Program with Wyoming Arts Council   and with their program Arts Across Wyoming; and has  been a working member of Nevada Arts Council.

Bunny has also worked as a Roster Artist  in  the Arts in Education Program sponsored by  North Dakota Council on the Arts

She has won several Fine Arts Music Awards for preserving Western history through her songwriting and earth-friendly, Native American spiritually and culturally aware music that naturally highlights the Lakota theme "Mitakuye Oysain";

won a grant,  funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, to help her record and produce her CD and song entitled Prophecy Keeper that now serves as a theme song for a popular Native owned and operated web radio station.  Her Prophecy Keeper CD was later nominated by the Aboriginal Peoples' Music Choice Awards, Canada;

She has received many glowing reviews for her concert performances and cultural workshops that teach about Pte Oyate (the buffalo nation);

Bunny also has designed and now oversees the continuation of the Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation website as directed by Chief Richard Deo Grass, and is at work editing and publishing a 1930's manuscript written by Angela Green Boleyn about great, great grandfather John Grass (Mato Watapke) and the history of the ancient Saones indigenous to lands of central U.S.A.

Bunny Sings Wolf - Spiritual Traditional Adopted Sister to Chief Richard "Charging Bear" Grass - Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Grand Chief and Traditional Spiritual Sovereign of the Seven Council Fires (Oceti Sakowin), Blackfoot Band, bloodline descendent of Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, White Swan

Bunny was especially thrilled to have been "discovered" by, and consequently hired as the featured and sole headliner for a concert for the 8th yearly Tatanka Festival , being honored also by traveling first in line in the parade sponsored by the National Buffalo Museum, Jamestown, ND
(in honor of
White Cloud  the only blue eyed, female albino buffalo in the world). 

See more NEWS of Bunny's Music adventures by clicking HERE.

 For continued news about Bunny s music adventures, please sign up for her monthly Full Moon Music Newsletter" at

Heartfelt thanks I send to the many be-ings who have come into my life as I re-awaken to honor these sacred gifts of song!


Sacred Ground
released January 2001

Buffalo Tales
released June 2001

White Haired Sunrise
released April 2003

Prophecy Keeper
released Sept. 2005

Music Influences

  The made up, spontaneous songs of every day life sung her by her Mother and Father throughout  her  early childhood.  The sound of the wind in the trees, the heartbeat of Mother Earth, the songs of the birds of the sky, the rumblings of thunder and crack of lightening, lulla-byes of fresh mountain streams, the soulful whisper of peaceful river eddies and the roars of rapids dancing over the rocks, the cracking of wood fed campfires, the crashing of ocean waves, and the cries, grunts, groans, barks, whinnies and songs of wild four legged and singing winged ones surrounding her home and still living on the Wyoming edge of the sacred Black Hills;  the ancient ceremonial songs of Lakota Oyate, and a few good and simple country songs from the too few recordings of the late Kate Wolf.


6  String Seagull Guitar      12 String Seagull Guitar      6 String Ovation Guitar

9 Native American style 5 hole White Buffalo bird flutes made of resonate Spruce, Poplar, Cedar
(custom hand crafted by Mark Nelson patterned after design by Daniel Red Buffalo, Lakota Oyate, circa 1930)
For more information about Bunny's sound equipment, recording studio, and instruments click here

Hand Crafted White Buffalo Four Directions Standing Drum made for Bunny from a dream, and gifted to her by Jim Lee
Four Directions design by Lakota (Sioux) Artist

Teardrop drum from 50 year old Walnut (not pictured) made specifically for Bunny as dreamed, and gifted also from Jim Lee

Hand Crafted Hand Drum
by All One Tribe Lakota Artist
Carl Winters and Elk Good Water and gifted
to her from son
Mike Engberg, Lakota (Sioux) Oglala Oyate

Ovation Guitar and two flutes gifted from Lee Engberg

Buffalo Robe gifted by Jump-Off Buffalo Ranch and brain tanned the Sioux way, by Bunny Sings Wolf

Second Buffalo robe (head on) gifted by Gerard Nervig and later
brain tanned the Sioux way, by Bunny Sings Wolf

Bunny's Shield hand made and designed from a dream in 1996 by Baire,
and gifted to Bunny in 2002 upon her completion of  the
"White Haired Sunrise" CD

Wind Chimes made of copper and hung on Elk Horn  (not pictured)
played on the "Prophecy Keeper" CD was designed specifically for Bunny to play on stage and
generously created and gifted to Bunny from

Christine Nervig of  BEAR ROCK ART - Custer, SD

Pilamayeah - Heartfelt thanks I send to the many be-ings who have come into my life as I re-awaken to honor these sacred gifts of song.

About That Name: Bunny Sings Wolf

Bunny is her birth name.  Sings Wolf   was gifted her by a Lakota pipe-carrier, reminding her always that her most sacred gift is her voice, sending her voice in meaningful, teaching lyrics in song, to be sent strongly, soulfully, like a Wolf teacher, from the power of the abundant music she hears resonating from the organic world.  (You may read more about how that happened in the front page February 2001 Panache article).

This name also reminds her of her recurring childhood vision of the day soon ahead, when predator and prey will once again walk in balance, harmony, abundance, peace within the freedom of the natural life-honoring ways of respect upon Mother Earth.  She envisions these songs will be heard just in time and to the right individuals with waiting hearts, to convey the meanings that point to the balanced way of life-practice within the Lakota words
Mitakuye Oyasin
  we are all related.


Longer Biography

Born in Hollywood, Bunny spent the first two years of her life in the back seat of a Model T Ford while her Bible college-graduate parents, with no belongings except what they could fit into the car, sang, preached and traveled to rural churches in every State West of the Mississippi to raise funds for a long prepared for missionary assignment to China.

After accepting all the monies raised, the sponsoring mission church expelled the young family from membership due to a disagreement of scripture interpretation, leaving the young family penniless, churchless, unemployed and homeless.

Without any secular training or job skills, her Father finally found work in California farming country.  Lulled to sleep by the sound of her parents nightly prayers and songs during many tough times, Bunny grew up dancing barefoot in the rich dirt of freshly cultivated fields. 

From generations of a very musical-artistic family, poetry and song seemed a natural part of her life near the peach orchards and crop landscapes where she grew up in the rural farming country of Northern California. It was a slower time when people of all ages from very diverse cultural backgrounds enjoyed spending time together, sharing stories and experiences, laughing and appreciating the antics of the dogs, cats and horses living on the land.

A favorite part of each day for Bunny was sunrise and sunset when she would take long barefoot walks to her favorite large, old cottonwood tree at the edge of the field near her home. There she wrote music, listened to the songs of the wind rustling through the leaves, and found herself singing along.

A typical family night of entertainment was going to a neighbor's house to "jam" all night. Everyone played an instrument and contributed to the music - even if it just meant playing the spoons, or pounding a makeshift drum.

In fact, Bunny can't remember when music wasn't a part of her childhood. On road trips her Dad sang base, and Bunny, her sister and Mother took turns with soprano and various creative experiments in voice sounds. No one was afraid of not looking or sounding "cool." On the road, instead of asking "are we there yet?" Bunny asked:

"Are we there ALREADY? Please, let's just sing ONE MORE song!"

So, as the traffic sped by, they would often stay in the parked  car, enjoying perfect four part harmony while singing that one last song.    Even at age 7 Bunny was very serious about her music. Here she is with the "Uke" with her younger sister, at an early performance on the front porch of their country home.

Below - some family and school photos

In her teens, Bunny and her sister Becky Jo were one of the first groups signed to entertain at the California Exposition, and by that time Bunny, (pictured at left above) now married, was writing music specifically to be performed with her sister since their parents' divorce.   Soon they were widely known in California for tight harmonies they had perfected, and the twosome began winning many awards at statewide talent shows. Bunny was the "serious" one, Becky was the spontaneous comedian, always finding a way to create laughter - together their performance was thoughtful, harmonious, as well as healing, and the audiences love them!  Being regularly booked for performances at local Sacramento, California venues, their voices were soon also well recognized in their singing radio commercials being played throughout the State.  While they were cutting their first Folk-Pop album of original songs they received a phone call from a talent scout who wanted them to come to L.A. to audition for a nationally televised variety show - Ed Sullivan! 

Just before the scheduled audition, Bunny's sister, a naive, precocious, impressionable 16 year old, at the urging of an opportunistic promoter, called to say she would be quitting the duo to take a "better" position as lead singer with a "rock" band formed by the promoter.  This same promoter convinced Becky and Bunny's recently divorced mother that Becky could be better provided for by moving in with his family. The new "family" secluded Becky from all outside contact, convincing her that any relationship with Bunny would be bad for her career.  With artfully seasoned manipulative methods, the family patriarch instilled in Becky's heart, along with bullying and abuse, a deeply seeded fear and unfounded mistrust for anyone outside their "family", thus successfully breaking off all contact between Becky and the outside world.  The "new" family then quickly arranged Becky's marriage to their son, using her natural and inherited musical talent to financially support their family for many years as the "promoter" booked the rock band in every bar and small venue across California.   (Thankfully, after many years of suffering the abuse which was methodically countered with the constant promise of stardom, Becky matured enough to see the ruse, escaped, divorced the son, and later happily met and married the love of her life, Gene Benson.  Gene eventually introduced Becky Jo to Randy Sparks, founder of
The New Christy Minstrels
, who she has worked for ever since).

To Bunny, it seemed that loosing all contact with her beloved sister, along with having to cancel a once in a lifetime opportunity to audition for the Ed Sullivan show not only cancelled all her earnest intent to find a viable way to support and care for her younger sister, but also severely dampened all Bunny's music dreams.  Heartbroken, Bunny gave away her Martin guitar, turned her back on the sorrow, and faced a new direction to venture to other life lessons and experiences, which included giving birth to, raising and supporting a family of her own.

Bunny (yes, that is her real name) says that growing up with that name and such heart breaking experiences, has gifted her a good sense of humor, for she has always understood that laughter heals.  Bunny has always seemed to stand out from the crowd no matter what her endeavors, adventures or diverse occupations.  She claims that having this "weird" name from birth has eventually worked in her favor creatively, for it helped her courageously "hop" down her own artistic path.  Bunny traits -  like knowing when is the best time to freeze to stillness and wait, or when to take the best no holds barred run for cover, have served her well.  Like a phrase from the song featured her favorite old movie "Carousel" entitled "When you walk through a storm", like the wily rabbit, Bunny determined to "never to be afraid of the dark", and walk on, walk on to pursue her own path regardless of what storm may rage around her, or what others deemed popular   or plausible - and never look back.  Her dreams continue to speak through her music, stating emphatically, musically, poetically that given a little fresh air and sunshine, life always miraculously happens in the now - so it is wise, in a sacred manner, to just keep walking. 

She worked her way through several years of college, first as a waitress, then as a Secretary and later was hired as Executive Secretary and Sales Assistant in L.A. s largest commodities brokerage firm (Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith); moved to Denver, spent a few years as Corporate Secretary and Comptroller in a small oil company that she and ex-husband created during the 70 s oil boom, moving it eventually to Casper, WY, to briefly compete with Dick Cheney-run Halliburton. After discovering her mates' many "business" trips out of town were not all legitimately for business, Bunny filed for divorce.  She eventually remarried and moved to Rapid City where she successfully earned her department stores top sales associate award while working as Shoe Store Manager.  She eventually moved back to Colorado to manage a large shoe chain, and later switched jobs to earn an even higher salary as Administrative Assistant for a computer software company, and then Commercial Property Manager and Administrative Assistant to a very successful Commercial Property Real Estate Group in Boulder, Colorado.  All this business creativity eventually found a way do bloom through the crack in the concrete of commerce.  She found herself exploring again her artistic creative bent with a new found hobby, working part time as a self-taught Portrait Artist, eventually maintaining her own small pencil portrait studio just off the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.

Her artistic muse sparkled again in 1986 when she was given a guitar by a kinder, gentler 2nd husband (a retired DJ), who, along with some Kate Wolf  tapes encouraged her to start singing again.  Bunny later learned that she had re-discovered her own voice the same year and month that Folk singer-songwriter Kate Wolf lost her battle with cancer.  Re-inventing her own music style again while bringing forward Kate's songs, Bunny was soon a popular regular evening performer at several Colorado coffee houses while employed at her "regular job." 

July 1999 she moved back to her new and ancestral relatives' home territory in the HEART of the beautiful Black Hills to care for an ailing Mother-in-law.  Shortly thereafter "dream songs" would awaken her in the middle of the night - complete with lyrics and harmonies.  She soon learned she'd better wake up and play and sing them immediately into a tape recorder just as she heard them, or the dreamed songs like the fleeting dreamtime - may vanish.  There were, however, a few songs that repeated themselves night after night until she got all the words and harmonies down  "just right" as they were dreamed (some of these include "Dance, Buffalo, Dance!"  "Freedom" , "White Haired Sunrise." and the "Red Cloud" song requested by Oglala Lakota Chief Oliver Red Cloud) .

Realizing these songs were gifts of Spirit, she decided she'd better share them however she could and with whomever would listen, for in many of the dreams that came with the dream songs it seemed clear these songs were specifically meant for people of all cultures and specifically for future times of trouble ahead, to help comfort hearts and light a path of harmony and peace and compassion, with which all relations can heal. 

As the first (and last, to date) regular live performer in historic Hill City, SD in the HEART of Paha Sapa (the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota) she began to share and sing these dream gifted songs from the front porch of the popular Main Street Alpine Inn, 3 miles from where she lived at the time (and not far from Crazy Horse Memorial Mountain - the subject of one of her dream songs- "More Than a Mountain").

Committed to reach as many people as possible, during the summer she would sometimes sing continuously for eight hours daily to the thousands of tourists who would stop there or pass by to listen to her on their way to other popular tourist attractions in the Black Hills, in her ongoing performances from 1999 to the middle of 2002.  It was here where she met Producer, David Allen, who encouraged and helped her record in his Keystone studio, her first solo CD released January 2001, and who gifted her with her Indian name "Sings Wolf" to remind her to send out her beautiful voice with wolf like wisdom, teaching, nurturance, and confidence (and not hid her talent behind a bush like a Bunny).

In her own brand of poignant story songs, brimming with music word pictures about wide-open spaces, slower times, and western peoples, her original sounds immediately hit a chord with vacationers from large cities looking for a way to unwind from the stresses of modern life and the fast pace of the work-a-day world - perfect "vacation" music!  Her peaceful Native American and earth honoring themes with flute harmonies marked her first CD as something refreshingly different. Because it represented her journey back to her personal whole-souled commitment to vigorously share her unique voice and dream resonating music talents gifted her since moving back to the sacred Black Hills, it seemed only natural to title her first solo CD "Sacred Ground."

The CD was followed up, just before 9-11, with "Buffalo Tales" a self-produced album still being played over and over by fans across the country, who deem this CD a Bunny "classsic".  As world events shifted and radically changed with the ever dramatic weather patterns and ongoing destruction of the environment by thoughtless greed, fear-based and manipulative social, economic and political shift of powers, and the consequent increase in fear of "terrorism" around the globe, this CD is still gaining popularity among those who would like to see the more natural ways and happier days of "buffalo abundance" return.  On this album, her song "Two World's Clash" was almost prophetic of events in Sept. 2001 immediately following the release of the CD in June, yet the words of hope in this song, as well as the theme of the CD, continue to allow thoughtful listeners to take responsibility for their own actions while envisioning, and manifesting ways of peace and harmony among all our relations - Mitakuye Oyasin.

Though both CD's have gained instant and loyal popularity locally, and her performances are still a valued remembrance of many Black Hills vacationers from around the world who still look for and inquire about her in their return trips to the hills.  Since mid 2002 she has taken her music on the road to surrounding five state areas where she has been booked for concert performances, grand openings, community music events, weddings, corporate and private parties large and small, and more recently sought after for school music residencies, children's workshops and library events.

Since Bunny's music is still in the process of being "released" to a wider national and international public, taking it on the road to larger groups and varieties of people seemed the natural way to best honor the music utilizing a non-exclusive San Francisco Agency.  She has also been enthusiastically endorsed as Roster Artist with several State Arts Councils, which helped begin to get the word out about Bunny s musical offerings.  

Even so, most of her concert performances have been hired by word of mouth or by fans who email their local Presenters and request they hire her in their community.  Bunny's web site at has been sent around the web in this way, increasing visits to her site to an average 200 visits per day in 2005.  Although few web fans purchase her CD's, finding the downloads more readily accessible, Bunny continues to look for affordable ways to market to mainstream music audiences while still attempting to pay the bills associated with her small, self-owned music business (Hillbunny Productions) that is still based in a small town near the hills and prairies of the Midwest.  Thankfully living expenses are minimal in this part of the country, yet one of Bunny's greatest creative challenges, going forward,  is to share these dream painted and prophetic songs with a world-wide audience, for her dreams have told her this music needs to be heard by the general populace to bridge many cultures and races of the world together in harmony as more traumatic earth-changes occur. 

The majority of the songs on her CDs feature her Native American flute playing as haunting harmonies throughout most of the songs.  These sounds come from nine flutes which make the Four Winds sing with happiness.  Bunny's flutes were custom crafted for her  (after a pattern by Daniel Red Buffalo, Lakota, circa 1930) and gifted to her by renowned flute maker, Mark Nelson.  Each one was designed for her with her talisman - the white buffalo - as the "bird" which covers the 8th hole.

Six of these magical flutes are pictured below in the deerskin carrier Bunny designed from a pattern she received in the "dreamtime".  The carrier was dreamed the night after a fan visiting from back East came to the Black Hills to gift her a beautiful golden tanned deerskin.  The flute carrier was dreamed with nine compartments for flutes, even though at the time she completed this carrier, shown in the photo below, she had no idea that Mark Nelson would eventually craft and gift her with a total of 9 flutes in different keys (and, yes - the additional flutes Mark gifted after the carrier was made, all fit in their compartments in the deer skin carrier perfectly!)

From beginning to end, her recorded CDs teach of the Balance, Harmony, Abundance, Peace that her childhood dreams pictured for future times.  The Buffalo Tales album contains story songs which take one across the prairies and into the sacred place of prayer, concluding with a beautiful ancient Lakota prayer with music she dreamed, entitled "O Great Spirit".   The following "White Haired Sunrise" album begins with song "The End is Near"   and holds the theme of world change through a song entitled "Wild Mountain Climb" and "No More Chains"

The themes of Balance, Harmony, Abundance, Peace echo throughout the teachings all of her 6 music CDs.  Her last recorded CD "Treaty Lands" features her dream song  "Treaty", teaching the formula of how to successfully avert war and anger,  and the "Hand Song" which encourages all to touch the earth and each other with respect.  The "white haired" wisdom words with her "Freedom" song is both a teaching song and prophetic for times (the Lakota words also came in the dream of this one). However the healing and life nurturing sounds she offers may best be remembered by her prayer and commitment represented in the "White Buffalo Peace Song" with which she usually concludes her live performance as a "sing along" song.

Reaching a growing loyal audience through her self-created, hand selected local distribution system of retail outlets in a 5 state area, many of these timely songs are also  available digitally for download at several well known music web sites.

Wherever the music takes her, fans from all age groups, cultures, and income brackets continue to write letters, emails, and add their enthusiastic comments to her online guest-book to relate how they love to listen to her striking soulful voice, ponder the multiple depths of meaning in her thought provoking lyrics, and get lost in the forest and prairies of her earth-friendly natural subject matter while relaxing to the haunting sounds of her Native American flute harmonies.

With more than 200 dream-painted songs still needing to be heard, the hope is that her next CD release will  begin to manifest while she still has her lovely voice to send.  Right now she doesn t know where or how the  money will come to produce it the way she envisions it (a 2 CD package, one a tribute to Kate Wolf, and the other packed with more of her own original "Wolf teaching" and dream-wisdom songs).  But then, because she still can t fully explain exactly how she managed to get the first 6 CDs recorded and into the hands and hearts of so many listeners during the last 14 years - she feels confident the rest of this good music dream will also come true in its own good time and good way to bless all our relations.

It is hoped that many more people will discover this music that breathes compassion and hope, sent from deep and mysterious dreams and visions from the HEART of the sacred Black Hills.  Certainly the time is ripe for music that resonates with earth-honoring vision, the gentle, life nurturing and mentoring wisdom teachings of grandmothers so needed now to lift hearts full of fear to a higher vibration of peace and to encourage the kind of  thought and life-sustaining activities that can manifest a positive future for all our relations.

Don't miss the opportunity to hear this musical entrepreneur, an Artist who many of her fans believe is now ready to go the next level with her own new genre of original music.  Please support this music by purchasing her CD's!

Bunny's musical journey continues at home at the Northern tip between the forests of the Black Hills and the vast mid-Western prairies, where she listens carefully to the trees, rocks, sage, winds and the hills that continue to give music to her creative heart. In a humble, honest lifestyle lived close to the organic music of nature that reconnects to the simple things that make life meaningful, Bunny writes, records, produces, arranges her voice, flute and guitar harmonies, and does the wolf's share of marketing her solo concert art.

More biographical information at Press page and bottom of Links page. Stories behind the songs on Lyrics pages. For updated and current press release information contact bunny.

Please visit Bunny's   Online Store  for all Bunny's music products on SALE!

Thank you for sharing an interest in the songs, the life experiences and outside-of-the- mainstream music career of Bunny Sings Wolf!

Mitakuye Oyasin

(Lakota - We are all related)


Hoye wa yelo - I am sending a voice
(speaking as in prayer, and willing to put my prayer into action by the way I think, speak, act and live on this earth as always in the sight of and in unity with all life)
Taninyan nawajinyo okihi
Stand up, manifest it, it can be done (walk live - in a sacred, peaceful, loving manner so that all things can be blessed by your life and your unique and sacred expression of who you are)
Wa ooo I come
Good health (for all the peoples of this earth)
Oyate Nation! (Not just relatives or extended family, but ALL our relations, the four legged, two legged, finned ones, winged ones, crawling ones, plant and root people , stars, rocks all that IS, creation)
Iya wa oo welo yanipi kta ca
that the people may LIVE!


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Buffalo Tales


Sacred Ground


White Haired Sunrise

Bunny's songs speak in beauty of natural and life nurturing spaces and the importance of living ways of cultivating peace and harmony among all our relations.  Mitakuye Oyasin  (Lakota-we are all related).

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Pte Sa We

Why does Bunny play the "Native American" flute?

Just as a "French horn" is a particular type of musical instrument, "Native American flute" refers to a particular type/style of musical instrument.  Also the style of storytelling dubbed "Native American Storytelling" does not guarantee presentation by an enrolled member of a Federally-recognized tribal member. 

A reviewer with the Rapid City Journal  dubbed Bunny's music as "Lakota-inflective Folk" which  aptly describes the type and subject matter of  the original music that has come to her in dreams which she shares often with flute music (which also came in dreams along with the lyrics and music of her songs).  Her music comes to build bridges among races of all people, Red, Yellow,  White and Black, and educate, show honor and respect for human BE-ings, Lakota and ALL other earth- nurturing, Native American and/or indigenous or other life honoring ways, perspectives and cultures. 

"I"m white, but I can't prove it."

Although Bunny has a rich mix of first nations ancestry, continues to learn from, shares with and associates with many well respected "Federally-recognized"  Native American Indian tribal elders, chiefs, and medicine people, and she has  researched the  stories and teachings that stem from cultural perspectives that she may share in workshops or performances,  please know that the music and the original songs she shares (and the stories and teachings that come with them) have come to her in dreams. 

While she plays Native American flutes in music that is enjoyed and endorsed by many prominent card carrying Native Americans,  Bunny Sings Wolf's music does NOT claim to be "Native American made"  as is now specified by the U.S. Government.   IF it is your desire to listen only to music made by an enrolled member of a "federally-recognized"  "Native American" musician, you may find them through a web search. 

Most asked question:    "How can I get a copy of Bunny's latest new songs that I  heard at her concerts?"

Most of Bunny's ORIGINAL SONGS (upward of 450 at last count) have "arrived" usually at 3:00 a.m., in the form of dreams  since Bunny has been living at home in the Black Hills.  Waking her from deep sleep - playing in her head - complete with words and music, she records them, to learn and share later. In honoring this unique music gift, Bunny feels a solemn responsibility to the Creator to use her voice and carry these songs to as many people as possible.  Lyrics of some of these songs, yet unreleased on CD, may be found on Unreleased Lyrics page. If you wish to be added to the growing list of those who want to be notified when new CD's are available, and receive announcements of her UPCOMING LIVE PERFORMANCES scheduled in YOUR AREA, please sign Mailing List

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Bunny's songs speak in beauty of natural and life nurturing spaces and the importance of living ways of cultivating peace and harmony among all our relations.  Mitakuye Oyasin  (Lakota-we are all related).

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