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W H I T E   H A I R E D   S U N R I S E - CD

In light, wisdom and honor of peace in earth-friendly packaging

Here is refreshingly INSIGHTFUL, sunrise BEAUTIFUL music to COMFORT your SOUL from the HEART of the SACRED Black Hills. "White Haired Sunrise" Listen to a sample of: White Haired Sunrise is Spring breeze GENTLE with CRISP, MELODIC Native American flute harmonies over Bunny"s river rapids POWERFUL seasoned voice.  These PEACEFUL sounds and life-experienced lyrics are love lost MEMORABLE and EARTH HEALING teaching FULL, with acoustic guitar dancing around the edges.   With brand NEW flutes custom made for Bunny, used as harmonies on almost all of the 16 songs on this album (including Kate Wolf"s "Give Yourself to Love" and "These Time We"re Living In") these original songs are comforting, peaceful sounds, just in time to send messages of hope, Freedom  Listen to a sample of: Freedom and Peace  Listen to a sample of: White Buffalo PEACE Song to a troubled world. 

The music of Bunny Sings Wolf honors and brings forward the music of the late Kate Wolf Listen to a sample of: These Times We're Living In .  However, the idea behind the CD cover art also pictures the honoring of the Wolf as it is meaningful to some indigenous cultures.    In legend it is said the Wolf comes from the Great Star Nation - the home of teachers, and it"s association with "moon  Listen to a sample of: Moon  energy" (feminine) portraying them as holding the secrets of nurturing, knowledge and wisdom - and in their songs, sharing the white haired grandmother wisdom in ways of peace and harmony for generations to come.

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1. The End Is Near    4:01 Listen to a sample of: The End is Near!

2. Chains    3:00 Listen to a sample of: Chains

3. White Haired Sunrise    3:46 Listen to a sample of: White Haired Sunrise

4. Now Is The Time  4:15 Listen to a sample of: Now is the Time

5. I - White Horse   3:23 Listen to a sample of: I - White Horse

6. Wind In My Hair  4:37 Listen to a sample of: Wind in my Hair

7. These Times We're Livin' In  4:25 Listen to a sample of: These Times We're Living In

8. Wild Roses   3:02 Listen to a sample of: Wild Roses

9. Moon   3:46 Listen to a sample of: Moon

10. Wild Mountain Climb  3:20 Listen to a sample of: Wild Mountain Climb

11. Treaty   6:19 Listen to a sample of: Treaty

12. Special Day   3:53 Listen to a sample of: Special Day

13. Give Yourself To Love  3:38 Listen to a sample of: Give Yourself to Love

14. Love Is Power  3:38  Listen to a sample of: Love Is Power

15. Freedom    6:55 Listen to a sample of: Freedom

16. White Buffalo Peace Song    5:04 Listen to a sample of: White Buffalo PEACE Song

















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Most asked question:    "How can I get a copy of Bunny's latest new songs that I  heard at her concerts?"

Most of Bunny's ORIGINAL SONGS (upward of 450 at last count) have "arrived" usually at 3:00 a.m., in the form of dreams  since Bunny has been living at home in the Black Hills.  Waking her from deep sleep - playing in her head - complete with words and music, she records them, to learn and share later. In honoring this unique music gift, Bunny feels a solemn responsibility to the Creator to use her voice and carry these songs to as many people as possible.  Lyrics of some of these songs, yet unreleased on CD, may be found on Unreleased Lyrics page. If you wish to be added to the growing list of those who want to be notified when new CD's are available, and receive announcements of her UPCOMING LIVE PERFORMANCES scheduled in YOUR AREA, please sign Mailing List

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Bunny's songs speak in beauty of natural and life nurturing spaces and the importance of living ways of cultivating peace and harmony among all our relations.  Mitakuye Oyasin  (Lakota-we are all related).

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