Meet Bunny Sings Wolf

With music to heal a heart, a nation, a world.



Ready for MUSIC to heal your heart? As the sun sets from the dark grief, mourning, fear we have known these past few years, this Performing Artist, Singer-Songwriter has survived, healed and now thrives with many music dream songs to share.

Nurture your soul to wellness with a voice resonating with passion from nature. These beautiful music learnings filled with ancient wisdoms gently massage a hurting heart with healing, mentoring, nurturing, mending. And when you know you are ready to face the world again with your own unique gifts, Bunny will take you by the hand and walk you through the how, when, and ways you may help create a living “peace” of art (online or in person) with global healing relatives joining now to impact wellness for all our relations in her FREE app. Meet relatives from all over the planet online, gathering now, to lovingly impact world peace in one-ness …to heal a heart, a nation, a world! We are all indigenous to Mother Earth.

While living a simple life close to the land, Bunny Sings Wolf has learned to hear the gentle songs in the trees in the sacred Black Hills where, since 1999, over 420 original songs have come to her in dreams.  Sent from the heart, many of these songs are played on radio stations and on the web throughout the world.

Her self-taught acoustic guitar and Native American flute playing accompanies a soulful voice sent with respect and conviction that honors Mitakuye Oyasin – (Lakota) all our relations.  A recent Rapid City Journal review of her “White Haired Sunrise” CD called her original earth-friendly music “Lakota-inflective Folk.”  In concerts Bunny Sings Wolf recounts her many life lessons as a truth-seeker in a medley of original songs with lyrics and melody that define and nurture love, balance, harmony, peace, freedom, liberty, beauty, respect and trust.

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